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A touch of white in the summer – the OMEGA Seamaster 300 White Plate in a simple unboxing

I don’t know if it’s the epidemic or not, but time passes by incredibly fast, and in the blink of an eye, I’ve gone from just starting my career to finishing my first “five-year plan”. I had previously bought a Seamaster 300 for LD, and remembered that my grandfather used to wear an old disc flyer, so I decided to buy an Omega as my first mechanical watch.

I simply unboxed it, the whole thing was basically a mobile phone shot

↓ First of all, I was worried that the new Seamaster was too big (wrist circumference 16cm), so I searched everywhere for a 36 diameter old Seamaster, but after trying it on, I found that I had to look at it together with my height, but the actual result was OK

↓ as the legend goes, the Omega box is really heavy and has a good texture

↓ direct family photo

↓ there is a layer at the bottom of the case to put something in and a small cloth bag

↓ no professional equipment, the phone comes with a macro to make do

↓ I didn’t even notice that I was blocking the words when I took the picture, there are some cases of card calendars on the forum, I hope I don’t win

↓ I borrowed two pictures taken by the teacher (deleted), the white of the luminous bead has a bit of ceramic colour, plus the dark outer ring, and the white of the dial is somewhat different, easy to see

↓ I heard that the 8800 movement is an introductory “pseudo-flagship”, I do not know the watch, self-congratulation with a back to see if it has seen it

↓ a small logo on the back of the 1 o’clock lug

↓ a stainless steel logo on the back of the five o’clock lugs

↓ the serial number engraved on the back of the seven o’clock lugs

↓ the helium valve that I feel I will never know if I will use once in my life

↓ crooked as hell, save a few for the little crown later?

↓ the strap is extendable, still quite convenient, but the comfort of this steel strap is average, the film is still half torn off

↓ combination of brushed and polished

↓ take a shot before the signs of age

↓ the white plate is really quite poisonous, although not as classic as the black one, but also quite durable, thinking that not to the age of the establishment, then it is better to choose a lively colour.

↓ Lastly, a luminous photo of the out of focus

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