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A watch wearer since childhood

My parents taught me to wear a watch to keep time, and even after the rise of smartphones, many people have gotten used to looking at their phones, but my concept of time is still based on a watch, and I basically carry it with me in my daily life as long as I’m not taking a shower. When I was young, I had a watch given to me by my father, which was said to be a pair of watches from my parents’ wedding, so it was a kind of inheritance, but I wore it until university, when I lost it after a basketball game. Later on, I bought a Casio with my part-time job money, and after working, I bought Seiko, Tissot, Sevenfriday, etc. Later on, I couldn’t resist buying an Apple watch, but really, electronic watches are not my cup of tea, so I put it away after wearing it a few times. Since I registered with the watch house, every time I saw my friends buying their own watches, I was envious and thought I could buy a better watch after working. In fact, this brand has never changed in my mind, and that is Rolex. When I was young I knew that Rolex was a good watch, but I didn’t know what was good about it. When I grew up and learned more and more about mechanical watches, the stronger my desire for Rolex became. At first I thought that Ro is the log type, then I learned that there is also the Submariner series, immediately attracted, after brainstorming all the knowledge of this series, black calm, green bright, are my favorite, my favorite is the green water ghost without calendar version, but unfortunately there is no -_-#. Because I have always felt that the calendar-free version is the authentic Submariner, plus the calendar is to meet the use, but also destroy the perfect dial (mild OCD), want the calendar, then you can buy a log, Rolex’s typical features should be log embodied. I’m going to talk a bit more about my two trips to Europe.

Last year I had a big event in my life – my wedding. The honeymoon trip was scheduled for a 13-day in-depth tour of Greece, and I was so busy before I left that I didn’t have much time to do a strategy, and only after I arrived in Athens did I think about buying a watch. There are actually more than 5 Rolex shops in the shopping streets of central Athens, the first one I went to was a general watch shop, but there was no black and green ghost, not even a calendarless ghost. After chatting for a while in this shop I tried to go out to find the next one, but to my horror the shops were all closed! It was after 3pm! I could see why this country is so lazy, the whole nation is like that, they are used to being lazy. So the next day before I left for Holy Island, I went to a shop a little further away, and when I came in, the shopkeeper said she didn’t have any. I sat down excitedly and waited for her to bring the watch to me, and when I saw the real thing I thought it was her, the perfect dial, classic design, and after checking that there were no problems, I was ready to negotiate a price to buy the watch, when the clerk said that water ghosts are very rare, no price negotiation, only tax refunds, perhaps she saw that I had to buy it, and never lowered the price. I didn’t have time to talk to him because we had to go to Holy Island, so I gave up. So I got my first Aquatimer, in less than half an hour. Later on, I thought I should not be seen to be taking the initiative when buying a watch, otherwise I would be led around.

Originally, I bought a Black Ghost and the next one was supposed to be a calendar, but I always felt a bit weird wearing a calendar, then I realized that I couldn’t forget the charming green color ……, after a few struggles, I finally decided to go for the green ghost, regardless of the calendar! After that it was all about the strategy, and I knew Japan was the best place to go, although I had many friends who went to Japan and asked them to look for green ghosts, but it was too difficult to find them in the direct line, several friends asked dozens of them, but there were many black ghosts, which also strengthened my determination to buy green ghosts.

Finally the annual trip is here again, this time my wife chose Italy and Switzerland as the destination, I know I buy a watch reliable, do not move all the strategy, set off! The first stop in Rome was not on our itinerary, although there were 8 to 10 shops in Rome, and I didn’t think I could buy one in Rome, so I just played it straight, because the second stop was my goal: Venice. I went in and politely asked if there were any black and green ghosts (in fact, they were in the window and I saw them), but the clerk said there were black ghosts and no green ghosts, which was normal because the shop was so visible and if there were green ghosts they would have been gone. The second one was my ultimate goal (it was a kind of fate that I got both of them on the second one, in fact, in Europe, especially in Italy, there is no shortage of black ghosts, no matter if they have a calendar or not). But I always had a feeling in my mind that there would be a green ghost. I said I’d like to have a look at it first, and after pretending to look at it, I said I had a calendarless ghost, but I wanted to see how it looked in my hand. Luckily my wife came up to look at it and said the colour was brighter than the black, so I realised she would support my choice too. So I talked to him about my love for the Aqua Ghost and hoped he would ask if he could sell it to me. The shop assistant went to the back and spoke to a colleague and replied that I could call the customer who had ordered it and ask him if he didn’t want it and he could buy it for me. I was talking to him while waiting, slowly thinking that maybe it wasn’t someone who had ordered it, but didn’t want to put the green ghost on display, because the previous posts on the forum were saying that it had just arrived, that others had ordered it, that they hadn’t had time to put it on the counter, but then they had bought it, so I guess this should be their rhetoric for selling the watch, in order not to let random people come in to see it and try it on, because wearing it more will naturally have wear and tear and will affect the real buyer’s decision. The reason why they hide them in the back is to see if you really want to buy them and then bring them out for you to try on. And then we kept talking and didn’t see anyone tell him if he could sell it. I told him I could talk to him about the watch and he said sure, I could give it to you. I was ready to cut the price, but the clerk said with a helpless face that the green watch was only a tax refund, no discount, but the black watch was 10% off. I tried to talk to him again, but he said that I couldn’t really do that, because there were more than 30 people on the reservation list for the Green Ghost, and they were all waiting to buy it, so the implication was obvious. I thought about it, the Green Ghost is so hard to buy (relatively speaking) and it was so easy to find, I didn’t know if I would be able to get it again if I missed out on this one, so I calculated the price of the rebate and it was right on the line for me. And that’s how I got the little green one.

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Panerai pam01393, looking for a long time, finally get it

I’d like to tell you about my opening of the case, which was shot with my mobile phone. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it.

I’ve been concerned about the forum for a long time, from the time I started graduate school to now there are 7-8 years of time, because there has been no open registration, so are the official brush everyone’s review, and then have the opportunity to purchase the current account, they will often shop around to take a look.

The first time I came across the watch section of the forum, I was attracted by Panerai’s models. It was because he was so different. Although he is a tough guy, I think there are many models that are suitable for formal wear, that is, the kind of watches that are gentle but with a side of dominance and personality.

Then I happened to see an interviewee wearing a Panerai. At that time, I wondered what kind of status and position people could wear. Although it is not a symbol of wealth and status, it is a reflection of individuality, and those who choose to wear a Panerai must have their own personality.

I used to have to stay with watches like Citizen or Tissot because the price was just too high to afford. Since I changed my job last year, I felt the urge to make a breakthrough, although I didn’t say that my salary had been upgraded very much.

One time when I was shopping in Shenzhen’s one avenue centre of excellence, I wanted to venture out and have a look while shopping alone. At that time, I thought, “Although I don’t have money, I can look at it and try it on,” so I boldly walked into the Henggeli World Watch Centre, which sells all Richemont Group watches, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and so on. When I entered, I went straight to the Panerai counter. I had a look at several watches and felt that they were quite good, so I tried them on. Although the prices were beyond my ability to pay, it was possible to save up for one, at least the ones with a nominal price of around 30,000, so there should be hope.

About the price of the watch I have to start from my first encounter with UP, when I was still working in Guangzhou. I was shopping in TaiKoo Hui and I remembered that there was a shop specializing in UP watches. When I came to that shop, I saw the prices of the watches in the window and I would always wonder when I could buy such a watch. I had a long wait and see for a UPI, but after comparing them, I found that I still loved Panerai more.

I thought that I would never set foot in the door of this house after the last time I visited it because the threshold was too high, but then the salesperson was particularly kind to extend an invitation to me during a promotion, suggesting that I should try to take a look first and reconsider if there was something I liked. It just so happens that at that time, because of the replacement of the car in the hands of the idle fish part of the funds, and the new car is about to be replaced by a Tesla, the delay is no way to pick up the car, so I thought this part of the day or first used to buy a watch. So for the second time, I ventured into the shop, which also had a Vanguard watch. At that time, I also took the big pilot from Vanguard and this watch that I have purchased now and compared them. Personally, I prefer the aura that the boy reveals, that’s the word – sultry.

I wanted a model with a back, so I asked the salesman to check if there was one available. However, since the end of last year, more and more models are no longer available in a see-through format, so if you want a see-through model, you will need to increase your budget, so I gave up after looking at my wallet.

The most frustrating thing is that when I ordered the watch not long after, I was informed that I had to take delivery of the car, so I was very tight on money and had to buy it by instalments. I had to pay the year-end bonus at the end of the year to ease the financial strain.

Well, there is a lot of nonsense, let’s take a look at the unboxing photos of the pick up together, or the old rule of putting up the original pictures first, and then the humble unboxing I took.

This is my purchase of Panerai PAM1393, this blue is my long-awaited, because I originally like blue, including their new car is also blue, this blue feeling regal.

The only downside is that it is not back-transparent.

To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve sold such an expensive watch. I really liked it, but I had some concerns. On the one hand, I’m worried about bumps and scratches. I once went out and collided with someone who was coming towards me on the bright side, and as a result, the sapphire glass of the Citizen was cracked. On the other hand, I was afraid of being misunderstood and being labelled as something else. There are all kinds of watches worn among colleagues in the unit, and this Panerai is nothing. However, I am worried that because of a small matter, the image of “not bad” will be created in the minds of the leaders, which will affect the future treatment and promotion. There is also the fear of being called an “IQ tax”, as there is always such an argument around these days. It doesn’t matter if someone else says it, but if it’s your own leader, it’s embarrassing, because after all, you don’t see your head up and you don’t see your head down.

But then again, people have their own pursuits, so why should we care what others say? Maybe that’s what bothers ordinary little people, hahahaha~
Another thing I’d like to say is that if you really like watches, it’s actually better to pick them up on the second-hand market. One is that you have more options within your budget, and the other is that you can keep the value of the watch and lose less money. I checked the second-hand price of this one, and it’s basically a 1w loss for a brand new one to turn up. So consider the second-hand market, one is the budget range can choose more models, and the other is when you want to transfer out, the loss is also a little less. The above is purely a personal opinion ha~

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A touch of white in the summer – the OMEGA Seamaster 300 White Plate in a simple unboxing

I don’t know if it’s the epidemic or not, but time passes by incredibly fast, and in the blink of an eye, I’ve gone from just starting my career to finishing my first “five-year plan”. I had previously bought a Seamaster 300 for LD, and remembered that my grandfather used to wear an old disc flyer, so I decided to buy an Omega as my first mechanical watch.

I simply unboxed it, the whole thing was basically a mobile phone shot

↓ First of all, I was worried that the new Seamaster was too big (wrist circumference 16cm), so I searched everywhere for a 36 diameter old Seamaster, but after trying it on, I found that I had to look at it together with my height, but the actual result was OK

↓ as the legend goes, the Omega box is really heavy and has a good texture

↓ direct family photo

↓ there is a layer at the bottom of the case to put something in and a small cloth bag

↓ no professional equipment, the phone comes with a macro to make do

↓ I didn’t even notice that I was blocking the words when I took the picture, there are some cases of card calendars on the forum, I hope I don’t win

↓ I borrowed two pictures taken by the teacher (deleted), the white of the luminous bead has a bit of ceramic colour, plus the dark outer ring, and the white of the dial is somewhat different, easy to see

↓ I heard that the 8800 movement is an introductory “pseudo-flagship”, I do not know the watch, self-congratulation with a back to see if it has seen it

↓ a small logo on the back of the 1 o’clock lug

↓ a stainless steel logo on the back of the five o’clock lugs

↓ the serial number engraved on the back of the seven o’clock lugs

↓ the helium valve that I feel I will never know if I will use once in my life

↓ crooked as hell, save a few for the little crown later?

↓ the strap is extendable, still quite convenient, but the comfort of this steel strap is average, the film is still half torn off

↓ combination of brushed and polished

↓ take a shot before the signs of age

↓ the white plate is really quite poisonous, although not as classic as the black one, but also quite durable, thinking that not to the age of the establishment, then it is better to choose a lively colour.

↓ Lastly, a luminous photo of the out of focus